Couponing for a Beginner

Couponing for a Beginner

I think I just made up the word “couponing.” My spell checker didn’t approve. I’m pretty sure with the popularity of the activity, it will become a real word that even spell checkers will accept soon. After some planning this week, I have scored some great deals. It isn’t necessary to shop at several different stores, but since our monthly cash flow is low and I have the time, I don’t mind making a few stops. I went out after John and I put Arabella to bed last night. It took me 2 hours, but I went to 2 different Walgreens because they were out of the Gillette body wash that I needed. It was worth the extra 5 minute drive.

First Stop:


6 Jars Classico Spaghetti & Alfredo sauce 2/$4 & 3/$1 off coupons
6 boxes Safeway brand pasta (all shapes) 2 free when you buy 2 Classico pasta sauce
1 box Hormel microwave bacon $4.49 (reg) on sale $2.49 & $.55 coupon double
4 ears bi-color corn on sale for $.25 each (reg price $.99)

Pre-Coupon/Savings Cost: $21.40
Total Cost: $11.91
Percentage Saved: 65%


Second Stop:

Walgreens (had to go to a 2nd one because the body wash was sold out)

1st Transaction:

2 Old Spice body wash on sale 3/$10 & BOGO free coupon
1 Gillette body wash on sale 3/$10 & $2.00 off coupon

Pre-Coupon/Savings Cost: $13.97
Total Cost: $5.16 + $3.00 Register Reward for buying 3 Old Spice or Gillette body wash
Percentage Saved: 63%

2nd Transaction:

3 rolls Scotch Magic Tape Walgreens coupon B1G2 free & 2/$1.00 off coupons
3 boxes Old El Paso taco shells (12/box) 5/$5.00 sale & $.60 off 3
1 box Aquafresh training toothpaste $1.99 on sale & $1.00 off coupon

I used $3.00 Register Reward for buying 3 Old Spice or Gillette body wash

Pre-Coupon/Savings Cost: $15.71
Total Cost: $.66
Percentage Saved: 96%


3rd Stop:


I had bought 20 coupons online for a free 20-22 ct Carefree pantyliner for $4.99

22 Carefree pantyliners (18 Original & 4 Body Shape) 22 free coupons
3 bananas

Pre-Coupon/Savings Cost: $21.37
Total Cost: $1.74
Price paid for coupons: $4.99
Percentage Saved: 69%


Pre-Coupon/Savings Cost: $72.45
Percentage Saved: 66%

All in all, I felt like I had a successful night. John now has 5 body wash plus the one he’s currently using. That should set him up for a while. We have a 3 month supply of pasta and sauce and a 3-4 month supply of taco shells. To crisp up the shells, we pop them in the oven so they won’t be stale when we eat them. I am set on pantyliners for a while too. Free tape is always a good thing. I never have any when I need it, but I never think of buying it otherwise. Thanks, Walgreens!

Now I just have to figure out where to put all this stuff in our tiny Cape Cod!

Having Fun While Saving,



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