Cherry Blossoms in DC

Cherry Blossoms in DC

The cherry blossoms are finally in bloom in Washington, DC this year.  We went on Tuesday which was right around the peak of bloom.  This may be our last chance to see them as residents of the DC Metro area.

One of the benefits to living in the DC Metro area is being able to ride the Metro train into the city.  We live only about a block or two from a metro station, so we use it any time we go to DC.  This was Camden’s first ride, and he handled it like a pro.

It was a fun day, but a little hot for this time of year.  We had a picnic lunch on the grass and walked around the tidal basin.



We ended the day with popsicles from an ice cream truck on a bench on the mall with a clear view of the capital building.  It was such a beautiful day!



  1. ~ Grama says:

    How long did you wait to catch the cherry blossoms? The making of a family and you finally got there on a beautiful day and the pictures show it was worth waiting for : ) Love you all! xoxox

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