Hardy Herbs & a Spring Surprise

Hardy Herbs & a Spring Surprise

I planted some herbs and vegetables in my backyard a couple of years ago.

I have basically neglected the space for a year or two.  I’ve lost track.  I was pregnant with Camden last year and spent two and a half months in Florida with my parents during the spring.  I came back to hot weather and the family recovering from Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, so no vegetable planting was done.

My rosemary plant started like this.

It’s been growing unattended and mostly unwatered since the vegetable garden disappeared.  If you’re not good at growing herbs or plants, rosemary is your plant.  Think about it.  It grows naturally all over the sandy hills in Italy.  It doesn’t need to be watered much, but I do recommend pruning it.  Otherwise, you will get this massive plant that could takeover your space.

It’s beautiful though.  More than you could ever cook with.  Mine is blooming with lovely little purple flowers for the first time.

Another surprise I found this morning was chives that I’m pretty sure are on their third round.  I thought they were annuals that wouldn’t come back after one season.

Spring is full of wonderful surprises.  That’s why it is so refreshing after a winter full of dreary weather.  Happy Spring!




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