Homemade Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food is simpler to make than you think, and it’s fun!

I made all of Arabella’s food when she was learning to eat, and now I am doing it again with Camden. Arabella is such a great eater and always has been. Part of it is in her genes (on both sides) and the other part, I believe, came from tasting what real food tastes like. She only had store bought baby food once, and she didn’t like it. It was sweet potatoes which was one of her favorites. I tasted it, and it tasted nothing like the sweet potatoes I made for her. So I didn’t waste any more money buying it, and it saved us a ton.


Dining al fresco on some peas

There are so many good websites out there that tell you the when, the how and the why. My personal favorite is wholesomebabyfoods.com. It gives you charts to print for what foods to start at what ages and has lots of recipes for when you start combining flavors and starting finger foods.

The basics though are to buy fresh or frozen veggies and fruits and whirl them up in a food processor or blender adding water or breast milk to thin if needed. I use a smoothie maker that my sis-in-law gave us for Christmas. To store, I pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. When they are frozen, pop them into a freezer bag and keep in the freezer. One or two cubes is enough for a meal when starting.

The smoothie maker is handy because it has a grinder attachment that I have used to mill brown rice and oatmeal. I store it in a container dry and then cook up a batch to mix with fruits or veggies that I have on hand.

Make sure you test a new food out for 3-4 days before moving on to something new. I also recommend trying new items in the morning or early lunch. My daughter had some things that she was sensitive to, and she had runny poop several times the day she ate them. You don’t want that to happen at bedtime!

I’ll be posting some more baby food combinations, so stay tuned!

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