Pretty Little Things

Pretty Little Things

Who doesn’t like pretty things?  I thought I would spotlight some of the things on my shelves.  I love tea cups and any kind of china.  I think I have 3 or 4 sets not including my everyday dishes.  I have a downright weakness for dishes.  I just can’t help it.


 This is a bird nest I found in my yard last year.

I almost got rid of this candelabra.  It used to be black, but I had this spray paint hanging around from a project I did for my baby boy’s nursery.  I love the way it jazzed up all the neutrals on my shelves.


I’ve had this tea pot for over 15 years from a mission trip I took to Hong Kong and China.  I broke it out for Easter to bring in a little rosy color.  I love to change up an area of my home just by moving some things about.  Try it sometime when you’re getting bored and tempted to go shopping.  That’s how I keep my home feeling fresh while not blowing the budget.


Happy Decorating!

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