The Amazing Cleaning Duo

The Amazing Cleaning Duo

So I’ve been using the cleaning combo of equal parts Dawn dishwashing liquid and vinegar.  I’ve read all the hype on Pinterest about it, and haven’t been thoroughly impressed until now.

So I roasted some chicken in my dutch oven, and it left a terrible mess.  I actually didn’t take a picture of it before because I didn’t expect to have such great results.  Here’s what it looked like after I sprayed it and started scrubbing.

After getting the initial caked-on mess off, it left this residue that wouldn’t scrub off without considerable elbow grease.  I decided to use some of my Dawn/vinegar cleaner on it.  I just sprayed and started scrubbing.  It came off pretty easy at first.  I decided to leave on a little longer and scrub again.  This was the result with more scrubbing.

I am happy with the results and my arm won’t be sore tomorrow.  Next I am working on the stain on my crock pot left from cooking black beans.

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