Cooking With Kiddos – Dessert Wontons

Cooking With Kiddos – Dessert Wontons


This is the first, I hope, of many posts about cooking with your kids.  As Arabella has gotten older, she has become a little pickier about what she eats or the ways she approaches foods.  Part of that is her age.  She is pushing the boundaries of what she can and cannot say “no” to.  Sometimes, she simply looks at something and decides she doesn’t like the look of it.  If she will taste it, she usually likes it.  I’ve started to combat this by having her help me cook things I think she may question before tasting.


We started by cutting a banana with a plastic knife.



This was her first time cutting anything.  I’m going to try to think of some more soft foods that will be easy to cut with a plastic knife.




After chopping the banana, Arabella put the banana and chocolate chips in the wontons.


Then she dipped her finger into a bowl of water and wet the edges of the wonton wrapper in an “L” shape and folded in half.


After they were all assembled, I fried them in a little vegetable oil.  Arabella was not around for this part just in case the oil splattered.  We finished them off with powdered sugar and caramel sauce.


  Arabella preferred hers without the caramel.


 They were a hit!

I’ve made these several more times with friends and everyone loves them.  I’m thinking of lots of other variations depending on what I have in my house.



Makeshift Fillings:

Jam with powdered sugar on top

Jam with cream cheese inside

Saute apples or pears with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.  Top with ice cream.



Have Fun Creating!

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