My Dad’s Famous Grilled Potatoes

My Dad’s Famous Grilled Potatoes

My dad has been making the most amazing grilled potatoes since I was a little girl.  Every time he grills out, they accompany the meal, usually by request. He doesn’t even know where he got the idea to make them this way – maybe his mom or a recipe he read a long time ago.  He’s been making them so long that I think he’s earned the right to call them his own.  I’ve never attempted to make them before, so when my friend Jamie said she was bringing chicken to grill, they were the first thing to come to mind.

Start by slicing an onion.  Wash and scrub the potatoes and slice them from the top down to almost the bottom.  You want them to stay attached at the bottom.


Then lay down foil and put the potatoes on top.  Fan out the slices.  Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle some all purpose seasoning on top (my dad uses Nature’s Seasoning).


Top with sliced onions, minced parsley and a pat of butter on each potato.  I had a little helper.


Then wrap the potatoes tight with the foil.


Place up high on the grill for up to an hour.  Flip halfway through.  Unwrap and enjoy!




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