Weekly Meal Plan – May 26-June 1

Weekly Meal Plan – May 26-June 1

I’ve had to start pushing back Camden’s bedtime, so it’s thrown a wrench in my cooking plans. Keeping him entertained during the evening takes all my cooking time until he goes to bed at 7pm. With John’s crazy schedule, that means he’s not home most nights until after one or both of the kids bedtimes. This week’s meals plan reflects the difficulties I am having. Hopefully, soon we’ll get back into a good rhythm and I’ll have more interesting meals planned.

Sunday – Pizza- ordered out for our Arrested Development Season 4 get together at our house

Monday – Hot Dogs on the Grill & Festive Potato Salad – Memorial Day

Tuesday – Grilled Pizzas with Bacon, Kale and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Pasta with Kale Pesto with Walnuts

Friday – Fried Chicken Tender Sandwiches

We had leftover hamburger buns from grilling burgers last week, so I bought some fried chicken tenders from Trader Joe’s to make sandwiches. Another quick fix meal this week.

Saturday – Black Bean Nachos



Some peonies from my garden




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