Organizing with Unlikely Items

Organizing with Unlikely Items

I love to have a place for everything and to have everything in it’s place.  These days it’s getting a little harder to do.  What is it about having kids that creates more stuff?  We don’t even buy them a lot because most of the time they would rather play with our stuff.

I have always liked using items differently than they were intended for.  Kitchen canisters in the bathroom for storage, bowls for organizing mail, keys etc., garden decor and baskets all get used in my nest.  I try to use things I love as organization containers.

This oversized dresser in my living/dining space holds all my table linens, aprons for cooking and candles.  I love the worn look of it with all it’s nicks and stains.  It’s the one thing I own that I will probably never paint.  It’s by our door so in the winter, it held all of our scarves, hats and gloves in the top drawer.  Great for grabbing as we go out the door.  Now that John’s collection of tech stuff is growing, and we have little hands all over the place, I replaced our winter things with his own place for keeping cords, mouse, flashlights, batteries, etc.  We have lost 3 phone/iPad charging cords to our little man’s mouth.  It only takes a second for liquid to corrode the plug…we’ve learned.


This is also the place I keep our sunglasses.  I have an old tarnished silver bowl right by the door.  As you can see, Arabella has an abundant supply.  She will not go anywhere without her sunglasses.


My garage and estate sale sleuthing father-in-law gave me this garden wall decor.  I decided to use it to hold my most recent home decorating magazines to keep them out of reach of little hands.


I have a side table on a wall close to my dining room table.  I keep random things that I might need on hand in pretty containers such as kitchen canisters and baskets.  1. Hair accessories for Arabella  2. Tea light candles for refilling candle holders  3. Bibs for Camden and a few for Arabella


Under the table I keep an old milk crate for dirty bibs, wash cloths and towels.  When we finish a meal, off go the bibs and into the basket they are thrown.


Don’t you just love this?  It came from my grandparents house.  They were using it to store plants.  I have used it for storing magazines too.


Our bathroom doesn’t have a linen closet and only has a tiny little sink, so there isn’t much room for keeping my toiletries and makeup.  4. I’ve had this little berry container for a while.  Right now it holds my my hair ties and clips.  In the past I have kept cotton balls in it.  5. This kitchen canister holds saline packets for my nose rinse  6. I love this tortoise glass for keeping my makeup brushes.  I have used it for toothbrushes and Q-tips in the past- not at the same time.


I like to keep all the baby washing things in a basket near the bathtub.  I have a few of these with bathroom supplies in them.


I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my organizing containers.  You can use anything that you love to organize your stuff.  Try it!





  1. Love all your organizational hints–your pictures are lovely! (and especially love your Juliebird)

  2. Love it Julie!

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