What’s In My Freezer?

What’s In My Freezer?

I thought I’d give you a peek into my freezer. This may be a little terrifying for you. Mine does not look like those beautifully arranged freezers that you see all over Pinterest. I have high hopes of mine looking like that one, but for right now, I am lucky to get meals put in there or the makings of one.


So to give you the run down:

Assorted frozen veggies – peas, corn, broccoli, spinach

Black beans – I make them in big batches in the crock pot and freeze in small portioned bags for making a meal later

Southwest Eggrolls – Great for frying or baking when you want “take-out”


Corn Dog Muffins – These taste like corn dogs, but without the unhealthy additives especially if you buy no nitrate all beef hot dogs. Great for kids lunches, and John loves them too!

Refried Bean, cheese and rice burritos – I made a big batch of these and froze them for lunches for John for lunches.

Roasted Vegetable Burritos – These are really good for lunches for John or when I don’t want to cook dinner.

P1090049 (1)

Mango, Banana and Coconut Popsicles – Arabella really loves these!


Split Pea Soup – I made this a while ago and froze in small containers and can pull it out on a rainy day.

Roasted Chicken – I roast big batches of chicken breasts in the oven and freeze in small bags for creating a meal later like these Barbecue Chicken Tostadas.

P1100311 (1)

Now for the door…


More Mango, Banana and Coconut Popsicles

The ends of bread frozen so I can make bread crumbs with food processor – I will be using soon for a baked pasta dish.

The ends of veggies for making a stock with chicken bones leftover from a meal

Carrots & celery – I bought big bags from BJ’s and didn’t want them to go bad, so I diced up and froze for making soups, pot pies or casseroles.

More soup

Some ice packs for little bumps and bruises

Frozen blueberries, strawberries & bananas for making smoothies


All this helps me to have an easy meal to grab or the makings of a meal I can tailor to what fresh ingredients I have. This is how I save us money and keep from ordering food as much when I don’t have time to cook.

I hope this helps with your own budgeting and meal planning!


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