Capturing Your Kiddos in Pictures

Capturing Your Kiddos in Pictures

The whole photography thing is new to me.  I don’t even own an SLR camera.  If you think my pictures are good despite this, check out “Behind the Nest” for more details.  One thing that I realized that is hard to get from a professional photo shoot is catching the everyday moments – the things you only get to see as a mom.  This is partly because your children probably don’t know the photographer well and partly because there is a time constraint.  My good friend Heather at Heather Bee Photography took my profile pic and some of the family shots on my “About” page.  She is amazing, and if you live in the DC Metro area, check her out for your next family shoot.  Because of those obstacles, she had to spend a good bit of the time breaking the ice with the kids before shooting, but it paid off  with some sweet shots.

This isn’t a post about how to use your camera or take better pictures.  Some of these were taken with my iPhone.  I just wanted to show that there is more to capturing your cuties in pictures than posed shots that usually end in a “cheese.”  I like to get pictures of different angles.  I want to capture what their hair is like as a baby, how chubby their cheeks are from the side and how their eyelashes skim their faces.


I also like to catch Arabella’s hair in different styles like this ponytail as she’s having lunch.


I like this shot of Camden looking out our front door watching the cars whiz by.  He looks like a little man lost in thought.


This is a sweet one of them playing.  I love the contrast of their blond heads!


This one was on vacation when Arabella finally got brave enough to lay back and relax a little.


This is so cute with his little blue jeaned booty.


I took this while they were playing together at Starbucks.  Look at that girl’s hair!  Sometimes there’s no taming it.


I love taking pictures from the back because I probably won’t remember what they looked like from behind when they are older.  She’s getting so big and grown up!


I also like to take an occasional crying picture just to show them later when they get too big for their britches.  Camden was mad that I wouldn’t let him go and play with the outlet behind our dining table.  Rough life, kid!


This picture makes me think I can see a little of what she will look like when she’s 20 years old.  Scary to think about my little girl all grown up!


I saved my favorite for last.  Look at this blonde hair.  It might not look like that forever.  Camden is my little thoughtful one.


I hope this inspires you to think about taking pictures from a different perspective in your day-to-day life!



  1. Love it Julie! Keep on taking the pictures and preserving your families memories:)

  2. Love all the moments you captured : )

  3. Karin Conzen says:

    I love Arabella’s wild hair! It reminds me of me when I was little :)

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