A Day in the Nest

A Day in the Nest

Most of my blogging thus far has been recipes, a few decorating tips and budgeting.  I thought I would add a little more personal touch by doing a once a week post about what goes on in our nest on a regular basis.

This morning we had a fun time with letters.  Yes, Arabella is in her pj’s – don’t judge!


These are rubber letters for the bathtub that stick on the wall of the tub.


We like to spell words in the bath, but I brought them out in the living room for something different.  Arabella likes to make up her own words.


Camden likes to play with them too.  Sometimes he likes to bite on them, so some have little teeth imprints.


He wanted to get in on the spelling action too.   Arabella was not too keen on him messing up her words.


Camden likes to play with tupperware in the kitchen.  It gives me time to get lunch ready.


The kids love cheese quesadillas for lunch.  Camden had some raspberries that somehow got all over his khaki pants.


Arabella had mango and an apple with hers.


And finished it off with a cookie that she made with our good friend Jamie.


Bath time is always fun!  Arabella wanted to stay in after Camden got out, so he was playing peek-a-boo through the shower curtain.  Arabella was spraying the curtain with the rubber ducky.


After pi’s, Arabella wanted to play a little dress up.  We also played some Wii dressed like this.


One last look at these cuties.


What a great day!



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