Living with Not Perfect

Living with Not Perfect

So if you love perusing Pinterest for home decor and DIY ideas, you can get really discouraged about your home – especially if you are a renter, like me.  We hope to one day buy a house, but right now it’s just not an option for us.  When we moved in our house 4 years ago, I was 9 months pregnant.  I had a plan and got it mostly decorated and settled before the baby thanks to “nesting.”  It is a real thing.  (With Camden, I just picked up couponing again and bought a bunch of laundry stain fighters and other personal items like I wouldn’t be leaving my house for a while and would be washing a lot of dirty clothes…mostly true.)

After living here a few years, my tastes have changed and I am trying to work with what I have to get me to where I eventually want to be.  I was really encouraged by this blog post from Young House Love because they explained how they did some things initially just to make their house more livable until they could do what they really wanted.  That’s where we are.  I want to enjoy the space I’m in, so I’m debating how little can I spend to get the most impact.

I used to have lots of reds and browns and greens, but I’ve slowly adding light blues and turquoise.  I realized a theme emerging from the coffee mugs that were my favorites.  I also have a christmas mug with green and turquoise trees.  Hmmm.  I painted my side table a robin’s egg blue.


We just got a new rug in our living room which brightened the whole area.  The blue actually works well with the reds too in the mean time.  This is my coffee table disaster.  I painted the legs from hunter green to this light blue, but never liked it.  I like the blue better with this rug, but I’m still deciding what to do with it.  I’m planning to stain the top dark brown.  It’s a work in progress.  I can’t believe both of my kids are dressed in this photo!  Usually one of the other is in pj’s.


This is what it looked like before.  We also purchased some new furniture this year from Ikea.


The moral of the story is don’t be discouraged where you are at this moment.  Keep plugging away piece by piece.  It doesn’t have to be a total renovation in a weekend like you see on TV.

Be patient and enjoy the process.



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