A Makeshift Coat Closet

A Makeshift Coat Closet

Have I ever mentioned that we have a total of 4 closets in our entire house?  Our bedroom closets are the size of a linen closet, so I use the closet in the hall for my clothes and shoes since it’s a little bigger.  We have no entry area either, so I created a closet organization area in the bottom of our stairway which is right next to our front door.


When we moved in, this ugly thing was hanging on the front wall.  Last year, it fell after having way to much stuff hung on it.  I decided back in the summer to give it a makeover and try to get some kind of organization going.


I spray painted the wood white.


I sprayed the hooks Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rustoleum.  It’s great for old dresser handles and knobs too.


This is what it looked like when finished.


This was what it looked like when I finished.  Better, but lacking.


My parents came to visit, so I put my dad to work.  He loves it!  We bought trim and hung it in two places – high for grown-ups and low for the kiddos.


Then attached hooks to it.


I also put a basket on the wicker hamper for hats and gloves.


This is another view.


I have all my coupons and receipts, some kid’s art and other things I need on my cork board.


While I was taking pictures during nap time, Arabella peeked around the corner.  She’s so sneaky!


One last picture to leave you with.


I hope this inspires you to create some organization spaces of your own!



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