Holiday Discount Code – Tasty Food Photography ebook

Holiday Discount Code – Tasty Food Photography ebook

It’s no secret that I am still learning all this blogging and photography stuff, but one thing that has tremendously helped me along this journey is Pinch of Yum‘s Tasty Food Photography ebook.  They are doing a holiday promotion this weekend (until midnight Monday, Dec 2) to get the book for $9.50 instead of $19.00.  Use the promo code TFP50.


This book is so helpful because it’s very basic for beginners, clearly organized and has lots and lots of pictures.  Lindsay explains how to use basic items around your house, so you don’t have buy lots of expensive equipment to produce well shot photos.  There is lots of technique with pictures to illustrate.  Also, step by step editing for using Photoshop and Light Room.  She also gives basics for using phone cameras and point and shoots.

Here are some examples.

I was starting to use the manual settings on my camera, but I didn’t know to turn off the kitchen light.  This has a lot of editing to try to remove the green tint (but still weird and not natural looking).  Also, the composition is okay, but not great.  Notice the piece of cheese on the edge.  Apparently, I didn’t.


Here’s a recent photo with better prop placement that make the food appear more appealing to eat.  The food tells a story.  This is one of the big things that I learned.  I also don’t own an SLR camera (sigh), but my camera does manual settings and lots of features.  Tasty Food Photography helped me to maximize the ability of my current camera, which is what the makeshift nest is all about – using what you have.  If you’re interested in looking at what I use, visit my Behind the Nest page.


This book will help you on your way to taking better pictures of your food.  Happy Shopping!



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