Learning in the Nest by Having Fun

Learning in the Nest by Having Fun

I have finally gotten in a place to start doing more learning activities with Arabella and Camden.  Everyone always asks me if I’m going to send Arabella to pre-school.  It’s not in our budget for one, but also I can do the same things at home with her.  She learned every letter of the alphabet before she was two.  This wasn’t because I sat and drilled her.  We played, and when we played, we talked about colors and shapes and letters.  Kids learn best this way.  It’s fun and natural.

If you are looking to start some fun learning activities with your kids, there are tons of blogs and websites with free stuff.  I recommend you start with 1+1+1=1.  Carissa has so many fun packs to print off, activities to do with your kids and organization ideas.  You could spend weeks reading through her site (I have), but it’s so worth it!

Here is Arabella doing a fall themed counting activity.

We have been learning about science.  This was an experiment to see what floats and what sinks.  She wants to do this every day now.


I just purchased Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  A lot of friends have used it and recommended it.


We just completed lesson two, and Arabella is learning to write a some letters.


I have also tried to me more intentional in playing with Camden.  Their motor development skills and hand-eye coordination is really developing at this age.  You can literally use anything in your house.  We use canning lids and stacked them on candle stick holders.


Sometimes when Arabella is still napping (yes, I’m lucky- she still naps), Cam and I sit and have a snack and do some learning activities.  I did the coloring, but he did hold the crayon and draw a few lines.  We made an “A” with the crayons on top of the “A” on the page.  We looked at apples and and talked about “A is for apple” and how they were red like the crayon.  It’s just exposing them to concepts.  What they pick up is usually more than you think.  Make sure it’s fun though…and short.  Their attention spans are short at this age.


I also went to the Dollar Tree and found these cute organizers for their toys.  Now it’s easier to see what they want to play with and easier to put away.


The toys use to be in this basket and the books on the shelf.  I swapped them, and it’s so much better.  Arabella didn’t like it the first day because she doesn’t like change.  It was quiet hilarious!


We do play dates with friends and dress up too.


Look at how perfectly her hair blended with the wig.


Yesterday, we went to a park down by the Potomac River in Old Town, Alexandria.  While we were there we picked up leaves and pine cones.  We had read a book on leaves changing color earlier in the day, so it was fun to get to look at things we had just talked about.  Arabella made a nature collage this morning (sorry, no picture) that was so lovely I hung it on the wall.


Learning comes in all different forms and does not have to be expensive.  A lot of stuff can be purchased at the dollar stores too, but most things you have around your house can be tools for learning.  Just look at things in a new light – through the eyes of a child.

I’m leaving you with a picture of my two handsome men.  Did I mention that I love fall?  It’s my favorite season.


Have fun learning with your kiddos!


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