Thanksgiving Decorations Inspired by Nature

Thanksgiving Decorations Inspired by Nature

I wanted to share some makeshift decorating tips with you to show how to create a beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving without spending money.  This was a very impromptu decorating idea I threw together at nap time and had Arabella help with when she woke up.  I love getting my kids involved in whatever I am doing.

We had gone to a park earlier in the week and collected a bunch of leaves, pine cones and some other “nature-y” things.  It was part of our science learning for the week we were doing about leaves.  Here’s a picture from our day.


I started with a green tablecloth I’ve since John and I got married.  My mom had brought some trays that she spray painted for activity trays for the kids.  I snagged this one since I thought the earthy greens would contrast well with the fall oranges and browns.


I found this silver bowl at a thrift store before John and I met.  I let it get a little tarnished because I like it to look aged and well-loved.  I put the pine cones, a leaf and a pine tree sprig inside and placed it in the middle of the tray.

P1120240 (1)

I let Arabella arrange the leaves and little pines cones and sweet gum balls we found.  She did a great job!  I have a few sets of napkins that mix and match with my table cloths.  I made these napkin holders with wire ribbon a few years back by tying them on the back side.  Slip some utensils in and your set!  I know this isn’t a proper table setting, but I like function over formality.


I hope you are inspired to create your own nature inspired tablescape for Thanksgiving!













  1. Julie, I love your table centerpiece. You, with Arabella’s help, aranged a masterpiece.
    That ole silver bowl sure turned into a work of art with all the fall colors in and around it. Your photography makes it look liked something that was painted. Imagine, that green cookie sheet that your dad spray painted brought it all together ; )

  2. Julie, you’ve just given me a nice last minute inspiration for my Thanksgiving table decor. So simple but yet I’ve never thought of involving my kids to help out with the decor. Thanks for inspiring!


  1. […] I also love decorating for Thanksgiving.  I wish I had my table decor up already for this year, but we are still moving into our house, so I’m still getting the room ready where we will all eat our meal.  Maybe some pics to come!  Here’s what I did last year for our nature inspired tablescape. […]

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