Christmas in Our Nest

Christmas in Our Nest

I’ve been a little behind on my Christmas decorating this year.  We always buy our tree the day after Thanksgiving, and I spend the rest of the weekend decorating it and the rest of the house.  This year it’s taken a little longer, but I’ve finally got it finished and photographed despite the dark and cloudy days.

Every year, I change up my Christmas tree with different decorations.  I will use things I have around the house, so I don’t have to buy a lot of new stuff.  One year, I attached white tea cups with some twine for a white and red look.  A couple years ago, I pushed dried blue hydrangeas into the tree.


This year I bought some light blue vintage looking ornaments to add to our red ornaments we already had.  I used my paper book bird ornaments and brown bag paper chains that I made last year.


This is an ornament I made with Arabella’s handprint when she was 2.


I was aiming for a woodsy and vintage look, so I asked for the cuttings from the bottom of my tree when they trimmed it.  I hung up a grape vine wreath that my dad made from his grape vine and used 2 bird houses.


I love my owl! I found him at Marshall’s a couple of years ago for $14.


This is like my mantle.  It changes with the seasons.  I love the red and blue motif.  It looks so vintage with my fun snowman and tarnished silver pieces.

P1130044 (1)

The pinecones were from Arabella’s fall leaf gathering at the park.  I cut the berries from my nandina bushes in front of the house.


My snowman has a funny story.  When John and I were dating, we always went to Starbucks.  He would bring this guy and put him in the middle of our table while we were sitting there.  It ended up being one of my Christmas presents that year.


These are stockings I made the first year John and I got married.  I made Arabella one, but I am still working on getting one done for Cam!


Simple table decor this year.  I have 2 kids!


Here’s my cute little helper while I was shooting.  He just sat and ate his cereal and banana while I went all around him taking pictures.  What a cutie pie!


I am working on finishing a book from the Mitford series by Jan Karon before we leave for Christmas.  They are really sweet and homey, so if you’re looking for a good book series to pick up, I highly recommend them.


Arabella has her own little tree in her room that has lots of pink!


We used one of her tutus for a skirt.  She always says she’s our “special ballerina.”


A wreath on the door completes this tour.


Hope you are spending lots of time with your family this Christmas season!


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