Mommy Style in the Snow

Mommy Style in the Snow

I’ve been wanting to start a “makeshift closet” section for a while.  I even added it into my drop downs a while ago, and it’s been sitting empty until now.  I want to be able to share how I come up with cute and trendy outfits while remaining on a budget.  I also am fighting hard against diastasis recti, so it’s also a challenge to dress my disproportionate mid section as it is getting slowly smaller.  I hope to post a couple of outfits a week so I can show how you can create a lot of different outfits from what you have in your closet thereby cutting down on the amount you spend on clothing.

I wish my first post was a little more stylish, but this is what I happened to be wearing today.  I told John to grab the camera and snap some pics while the snow was on the ground.  We were on our way out to Target for a quick shopping trip with the kids.


I’m normally wearing some bling with my outfits, but I’m not sure what happened today.  Call it the minimalist mom look.


So, on to the outfit.  I ordered this cardigan from H&M this winter.  I wore it the other day unbuttoned with a skinny belt and a denim shirt.  It’s very versatile.  The plaid shirt is from Target, and my mom made me this hat.  I love it because it covers my ears and looks a little like a cloche which are trendy now thanks to Downton Abbey.


I’ve had these boots for a few years now.  They are from Target and are a cross between a riding boot and moto-rocker chick boots.  They have fit the trends between those genres over the years.  I love them even though they aren’t expensive leather boots, and I’ve received lots of compliments on them.


I hope this wasn’t too minimalist for a first time style post!




  1. I’m always needing advice in this area! Minimalist or not, you look great! I’m glad you’re adding this section!

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