The Anti-photo Shoot

The Anti-photo Shoot

These pics are kind of crazy.  That’s why I titled the post the way I did, but I really wanted to share this outfit.  Also, don’t pay any attention to the Christmas wreath in the back.


I love the colors of this outfit – peach, coral and beige with a pop of copper.  The top and cardigan came from Target and the jeans are boot cuts from NY&Co.  The ankle booties were a steal from Target last year at a measly $12.  Gotta love that!  Throw in some gold accessories and we’re done.  Don’t ask what I’m doing with my shirt.


And this is what a real photo shoot looks like when it’s 20 something degrees outside and 2 kids are present. Yikes!

IMG_1573 (4)

Hope this post didn’t scare you too much!



  1. I loved the pics!!

  2. Love your hair cut too!

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