Getting a Haircut You Love

Getting a Haircut You Love

I want to address a scary subject for most women – getting your hair cut.  It can be nerve wracking to put yourself at the mercy of someone with scissors in hand.  I have learned a few things over the years about getting what you want from your stylist or a new stylist (that is the scariest).  A lot of people ask me how I get such cute cuts, and most of them I don’t pay a lot of money for.

I am always doing something different with my hair.  Once it’s to my shoulders, it just feels too long for me.  I learned quickly after having kids that you have less time to style your hair.  If I want to look put together, I have to style my hair – short or long.  But I realized quickly that long hair takes longer to style (duh), so I love having short hair.  It drys quicker and can be done in half the time.

Here are some tips for your next visit to the salon – long or short.

1.) Know your hair.  It took me years to figure this out.  I use to fight my naturally not curly, but wavy hair.  Now I love it, because I have realized if I pick the right cut it can look great both straight and curly.  I also have thin hair with lots of body and texture and lots of hair, so when I look at pictures of hairstyles I look to see if the cut would actually fit my type of hair.

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2.) Collect pictures of styles you like.  Pinterest is a great place to do this.  I keep a running board of hairstyles I generally like, and when I get close to getting it cut I have a board called “Next Cut” to show to my stylist.  You could also go old school and get a hairstyle magazine and fold down the pages of the ones you like.  Try to find similar cuts that are styled differently or have different views.


3.) Be realistic.  Don’t look at the faces of the people – look at the hair.  Try to imagine it on yourself.  Don’t think your going to look like Jennifer Aniston even of you get her haircut exactly.  Facial features, and I’ve learned, head shape play a huge part in how your hairstyle will look.  Also, consider color.  Color can really change the way the style looks altogether.  For example, I would love to be a brunette and wear cute french looking cuts like Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tautou (from the movie Amelie), but they don’t look the same on a blonde.  Sigh.


4.) Communicate with your stylist.  This is key.  If you look like you know what you want and you’re not timid about, you should be able to get what you want.  Be realistic though.  If you are going to Hair Cuttery, I wouldn’t take a really textured, complex style.  Go simple like a bob or long layers.  The stylist I go to lives in Florida, and even though it’s not expensive, she gives me a haircut like an expensive salon.  She looks at my pictures, we discuss the aspects that I like and don’t like (if any).  One time she looked through a book with me because I didn’t have a back view, and she wanted to be sure of what I wanted.  She washes my hair, cuts it, styles it and cuts it again to give it the best shape possible.  I also tell her if I want more cut into it.  Did I mention that I have a lot of hair?  If you act timid about cutting it, they probably aren’t going to give you as funky or as short of a cut as you might want.  I also try to always go with my current hairstyle fixed and dressed like I would to go out for the day – that means make-up too.  I want them to know my style when they look at me, so they won’t question the hairstyle I have picked.


5.) Keep calm and go home and play with it.  I think I am better at styling my hair than most stylists, mostly because I know my hair better.  I have a couple times (not recently) walked away from the chair and thought, “What have I done?” even after having the stylist recut a little.  After getting home and playing with it, I find that I can usually fix it by restyling.  Also, my hair gets what you could call shell shocked after a cut.  It seems to be more rigid the first week of the cut.  After the initial shock wears off, it settles down into a style I am even more happy with.  Maybe it’s just my hair that’s weird like that!

I hope this helps you get a great cut!


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