The Girl is a Fashionista

The Girl is a Fashionista

Lately I’ve been posting pictures of outfits I create for myself.  I thought I would show some outfits of Arabella too and link up with my friend Lindsay over at Pursuit of Pink.

We have gotten a lot of hand-me-downs over the years and new clothes from grandparents, so until recently we hardly ever had to buy Arabella clothes.  I really like to mix and match her outfits to look a little grown up but still sweet.

This is an outfit from the fall when we went to Ikea, hence the parking lot.  She loves her Starbucks milk in a cup.  The vest is a hand-me-down from Old Navy.

IMG_2240 (1)

This is the outfit without the puffy vest.  I got this cute sweater and boots are from Marshalls.  In fact, people are always asking where I get her shoes because they are so cute.  I get most of them from Marshall’s and they are usually cheaper than Target, but a better quality.  That’s your tip for the day!  The skinny jeans were bought by my friend Jamie at a church consignment sale for a couple dollars.  They are Levi’s.


This is another sweater from Marshall’s.  Both sweaters were around $12-16.  We paired it with some jeggings and the boots again.


She is way better than me at posing for pictures.  I can learn a few things from her.  Don’t you love the curls?


Hope you had fun with this, because I did!



  1. Oh man, she is super cute Julie. And I love her picture in front of the mirror. Such a darling fashionista! I’m so glad you linked up!!!

  2. Your little girl is so cute!! I love her style and love that you appreciate a good deal. So glad i found your blog through the link up and I look forward to following along :) Whitney @

  3. she is adorable!!! i want her clothes! dressing a girl is so much fun. i hope you link up again. (: have a great weekend!

  4. She is adorable! LOVE the vest and the starbucks accessory!! Her hair is beautiful.

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