Pregnant and Nursing Mama’s Best Friend During Cold and Allergy Season

Pregnant and Nursing Mama’s Best Friend During Cold and Allergy Season

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this before, but I’m really excited about it because I know it’s going to help some mamas out there.  I grew up being allergic to everything in Florida. When I moved to Virginia, I realized I was even more allergy-prone here.  I had got to the the point that I could not wear my contact lenses because they would feel like they were 30 plus days old after only a few days.

I discovered NeilMed through my friend Ebony, and decided to give it a try because she said her doctor had decreased some of her asthma medications after using it regularly.  After I started rinsing with it twice a day, I realized that the stuff coming out would have been staying in my sinus cavities and building up until I would be full-blown sick.  Gross, I know.  Anyway, I was able to start wearing my contacts again.  I don’t know why, but this is the only thing I changed.  I get it at BJ’s or Costco for the cheapest.  BJ’s will take coupons, and I have found mail-in rebates right on the box before too.  I totally stocked up that time.  It also says right on the box that it is safe for pregnant women.


The other part of this is an accidental find I made when I was pregnant with Arabella and had to give up taking my allergy pills.  I have been rubbing Vicks VapoRub under my nose since I was young to help promote better breathing at night when sick.  John discovered Breathe Right nasal strips on a late night run to the store once when I was sick early on in our marriage.  I never put the two together until I was pregnant.  I put the strips on and then rubbed Vicks under my nose and over my sinus cavities in my cheeks and forehead.  It worked so well!  I slept soundly without waking to blow my nose over and over again.  Even though I have small facial features, I like using the regular size (not small).  I think they work better.

I have included links to these products above.  They aren’t the cheapest prices, but they are convenient to order and have sent to your house.  Sometimes you just need convenient, especially when you are pregnant or have a newborn.  I was pregnant a total of 9 1/2 months with Camden and breastfed for a year.  That means a long time with no medicine!  When I nurse my babies, I just seem to get sick more.  My body gives everything to the baby, so I get sick more often.  This method kept me resting good when I would have a flair up.



With these tools, I have avoided seeing a doctor, even if I do come down with something.  I don’t get sinus infections anymore because I keep my sinuses cleaned out on a regular basis.  This is soooo worth it to me!

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I hope this helps some mamas out there who might be suffering like I was!




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