Pretty Jewelry Organization

Pretty Jewelry Organization

January seems to be the month for organization.  In honor of this, I wanted to do a post every week to show some ways I organize without going out to the store and buying a lot of new storage containers.  Also, I wanted to show how organization can be pretty and not always all put away in a closet – mostly because I don’t have any of those to spare.

Here is how I keep all my jewelry displayed in my bedroom.  I went with a french bohemian theme and it has carried on to the rest of the room, of which I will be sharing the rest soon.  

I keep little earrings in these two pieces.  The bird came from Urban Outfitters on our honeymoon in NYC.  The pewter bowl was John’s baby bowl from his mother.  I love using nostalgic pieces for other than their intended use.

P1130932 (1)

I bought this organizer at Ikea several years ago in the home decor section.  I thought it would be perfect to keep all my necklaces from getting tangled.


I use this bowl to keep bracelets, my alternate phone cases and earrings that are on cards.  The bowl was the base of a gift set I received for Christmas a long time ago.


This woven basket was part of a set from Ikea.  I keep beads and and bangles in here.


Here’s one last look at my dresser.

P1130905 (2)

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my room!  More to come soon.



  1. I love the way you have styled everything in the photos! Such great ideas for jewelry organization, I do a similar thing with mine. I actually bought a fingertip towel holder (sidenote: who even uses a fingertip towel? why not a hand towel?) to hang my necklaces on to keep them from getting tangled and so I can see everything.

    • Thanks, Lindsay! Love the fingertip towel holder idea. I feel like they should be extinct – like from a different time. ;) Lucky for you they are not!

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