Rainy Day Style

Rainy Day Style

I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, but I was having a wonderful time in Florida with family.  My sister just had her second boy, so I had to get some snuggle time in with him.  Today is John’s and my 7th anniversary, so we celebrated our return to normal life with some much needed coffee.  We spent 12 hours in the car yesterday driving back with kids who are champs when it comes to car trips.

The weather has been so weird, so dressing is a little more difficult.  Weather apps are very helpful on days like today.


Yes, I got my hair cut over vacation!  It’s kind of a mixture of a pixie cut and an angular bob.  I love it!


This is a super easy mom outfit.  Skinny jeans (Target), tall boots (new from Zulily), lightweight sweater (Target) and a vest (NY & CO.).  I have a t-shirt under the sweater because it’s a little sheer, but it also gives more layers.  None of these pieces cost over $35, so nothing budget breaking either.  I took this vest to Florida.  It was my staple piece.  I wore it over my flannel shirts, tees and sweaters, and even my jean jacket (a la Marty McFly) when it was really cold.


Arabella and I are having a very animated conversation, although I don’t remember what it was about.  This outfit was super comfy and warm for having coffee with the fam and grocery shopping.


I love rainy days!





  1. You look amazing & I LOVE the cut!!!

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