Organization Above the Refrigerator

Organization Above the Refrigerator

I’ve been trying to share this organization tip for a while now, but it’s a challenge for me to photograph.  After shooting today, I really want to paint my cabinets.  Our house is a rental, but it has crossed my mind to do it anyway…but not today.

Most houses have these over the refrigerator cabinets that are crazy high for actually using.  I used to keep serving pieces in them that I only used once or twice a year so I wouldn’t have to get to them often.


I found these Variera pot racks at Ikea and thought I could use them in the cabinets to stand up baking sheets, muffin tins and other pieces that take up a lot of space if stored horizontally.



I have two sets spread across the cabinets – one in front and one towards the back.  It’s been an easy way to grab the baking items I need, and it’s directly across from the oven.  Even better!


I hope this helps you utilize your space better!


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