Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we are in the dilemma of whether to go out or not.  We usually opt to stay in and cook something fancy because we don’t like to fight the crowds.

Arabella and I are getting into the holiday by doing Valentine’s themed puzzles and learning games.  We decided to jazz up our nails too!

IMG_1585 (1)

At first Arabella was resistant to having one nail different.  She is my child of order and matching.  So when I explained that this is a trendy thing, she was ready to be “so fashional” with “mix and match.”  These are words she uses often when we talk about style.  Although, we are always talking about how those aren’t the things that matter most.  It’s what is on the inside of us that counts!

We used NYC In a Minute in Times Square on all but the ring finger and Sinful Colors Professional in Glass Pink on the ring finger.  I was at Target today, and the NYC colors are $1.74 and the other polish I got at CVS last year for $1.99.  We are not breaking the bank here.  I really love the NYC polish texture and brush.  It’s one of my favorite polishes lately.  Great value for a bargain!

IMG_1587 (1)

Hope this inspires you to do something fun for Valentine’s Day!



  1. How sweet and clever ♥

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