Freezing Leftover Ingredients – Liquids

Freezing Leftover Ingredients – Liquids

Here’s another tip for not wasting ingredients you only use once in a recipe.  I made a Green Smoothie a couple of weeks ago that used 1-2 tablespoons of coconut milk.  I’m sure people were asking, “What do I do with the rest of the can?  This stuff is not free!”


I poured the rest into my ice trays to freeze for future smoothies.  I measured and one ice cube equaled roughly 2 tablespoons.

DSC_0055 (2)

When finished filling the trays, I placed in the freezer for a couple of hours.


When frozen, pop them out and place in a freezer bag for easy grab and go.



I do the same with leftover coffee.  Freeze into cubes for making frozen coffee drinks.


Place in a freezer bag.  Make sure you label correctly if you have decaf and regular.


You can also do this with tomato paste, homemade pesto or anything that you only use a little at a time.


Hope this helps you save some money!


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