Weekly Recap – May 24, 2014

Weekly Recap – May 24, 2014

So this week has been a little off our somewhat “regular” routine.  We have had lots of friends over, had some fun outings and watched the Lego Movie about 4 times already.  It was a generally fun week, and now I’m catching up on laundry in preparation for our upcoming vacation to Florida.  I’m so excited!


Meals for the Week

Southwest Eggrolls (homemade from the freezer)

Calzones made with homemade pizza dough from my bread machine


Chinese Take Out

Leftover Chinese Food

Nacho Casserole



Learning Fun

This is the part where we off program the most, but learning is done all the time – not just when they are sitting down with a workbook.  We started off Monday morning learning about monster trucks.  Arabella said, “Mommy, can we look at pictures of monster trucks on your phone?”  This is because whenever we talk about something new, we google it and look at the images on Google.  Technology is truly amazing!  I did her one better and air played it to our Apple TV which was even better to see them on the “big (not so big) screen.”


Then I got out the blocks and told her to build obstacles for the trucks to jump over.  Camden was trying to decide what to do first.  Get cars and trucks or knock down blocks.  Oh, the choices.


We looked at turtle shells too with and without turtles in them from Google images.  This was because I was explaining, after reading a book, how turtles shells are there for protection from animals eating them.  Arabella thought they were soft on the bottom, so we looked at shells from different angles so she could see how they wrap all the way around.

We also learned that Arabella’s dress made the coolest shimmer on our white sofa at nap time.  We talked about how the sequins reflected on the sofa when the sun hit them.  There’s our science lesson for the week!


Arabella helped make the calzones from start to finish.  She helped with the dough in the bread machine, shredded parmesan cheese in a princess dress and filled and sealed the calzones.

DSC_0041 (1)

I pulled out this princess tent during nap time.  Arabella brought down all this stuff.  She doesn’t pack light.  Two pairs of shoes?  She was a little frustrated because she could get it all inside.


Mommy to the rescue!  I organized the tent into sleeping, eating and clothing areas.  Much better!  She was so happy.


Then she said she forgot to get clothes.  She brought these down and said, “I just got a few.”  I’m thinking this is a sign of things to come.


Arabella wanted Daddy to take her to her dance class, so they had a Daddy-Daughter Date Day.  He caught this beautiful picture.  She loves the mirror!


This a pic from Instagram while they were having lunch at Johnny Rockets after dance class.  Of course, he took her to his Apple Store to show her off to all his co-workers.


She fell asleep with the new Lego set that John bought her at Target.  It was a long day.


While they were out, Camden slept for three hours.  In that lovely time, I had a little cat nap and made a BLT with avocado and homemade bread.


I also did my nails while I enjoyed an Iced Mocha.


That night was “Mom’s Night Out” and we saw the movie too.  Our night was more tame than the movie, but it was totally fun hanging out with friends.


This is the picture I got while out.


Since I’m short on pics of Cam, I thought I would throw this is in the mix.  He loved trying on sunglasses with Daddy. What a cool kid!


Here’s another picture of Camden with our friend Faith.


This tent has been really fun at nap time.  I got her to sleep in it one day.  Trick to remember!


I thought this would be a good way to end the post.  I love Camden’s new crabby jammies that John picked out for him.


Happy Weekend!


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