Make Your Own Docking Station

Make Your Own Docking Station

Since this blog is all about creating a beautiful home and delicious food that fits into a small budget, I decided to share this little project with you.  We’ve been struggling at our house with keeping cords and devices in one area and organized.  Recently, John plugged all the charging cords behind this table.  It was a huge mess of cords that kept falling behind the table or just stuck out and looked hideous.  I found this fruit basket that we received as a gift last year and decided to use it to tuck everything away.


Our phones, cords and even our giant old school iPad fits in here.  The lid fits over the top and allows the cords to hang discreetly behind the basket.


1. Start by looking around your home for a basket or box with a lid that will hold everything you need it to.

2. Find a good place where you can hide cords that will hang down behind it.

3. Put everything in and tuck the cords away.



The cords don’t even show this much.  I just wanted to make it obvious where everything was hiding.  Our kids also haven’t figured out that everything is stored in there.  Hopefully that lasts a little longer! ;)

Happy Organizing!


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