Weekly Recap & Vacation – June 15, 2014

Weekly Recap & Vacation – June 15, 2014

This week, we were recovering from being on our vacation in Florida.  We had so much fun with our families, especially all the cousins playing together.

DSC_0020 (3)

There was lots of swimming in the pool by Arabella and my sister’s son, Charlie.


Charlie is pretty much fearless and will belly flop straight into the pool – eyes and mouth open.

DSC_0088 (1)

Camden had a bad first day at the pool being so tired from traveling , and refused to get in the whole trip.  This is as close as he got.


Although this kid does know how to kick back and relax with a snack by the pool.


Camden did get a lesson from Pop Pop about fixing the pool vacuum.

DSC_0052 (3)

Then he took matters into his own hands.  Look at those curls!

DSC_0070 (7)

My 5 month old nephew Chase is the sweetest, happiest little baby I’ve ever seen.  Did I mention cute?

DSC_0054 (4)

I love this picture!  Two boys in action.


I didn’t realize until looking at this picture on the computer that there was a giant centipede thing crawling by.  Awesome, Cam!

DSC_0142 (1)

Camden wanted to pet the turtle that lived in the pond.  John terrified him from coming out again for 2 days.

DSC_0117 (1)

This girl was relaxing while plotting her next move.


She loved it that Gramma had a bird’s nest with eggs to play with at her house.

DSC_0008 (3)

Arabella thought this was the perfect place for Gramma to hang her bathing suit.  Farewell Florida…for now!

DSC_0003 (3)

Back at the homestead, we didn’t do much this week.  We did get these alphabet puzzles from my mom in Florida.


Both kids had a blast with them.


But of course, Arabella was more serious about putting them together.

DSC_0169 (1)

Camden added them to his Cheerios.


We did a little art too.


Camden loves drawing.  I save all the messed up printing jobs for them to color on.  Money saver!


Arabella likes these Do-A-Dot Mystery Image Games.  I printed them from One Beautiful Home.


We use these Do A Dot Art Markers in Rainbow colors.  I also ordered these in Brilliant 6-pack because we had to have pink too.

DSC_0262 (1)

Camden likes putting things in and out of boxes right now.  Anything like this is great for a toddlers fine motor skills.


Arabella loves collecting rocks.  We got them out with the construction vehicles.  Camden practiced pushing the rocks with the bulldozer and dumping them out the dump truck.


Arabella loves her new addition to her Legos from the Lego Movies complete with Princess Uni Kitty.


I’ll leave you with this final picture from our vacation.

DSC_0177 (1)


Happy Summer!



  1. I am thrilled to see that Arabella liked the Mystery Image Game!!

    Thanks so much for sharing, this made my night.

    Lindsay – One Beautiful Home

    • They are such a great idea, Lindsay! Glad I could share them. I love all your budget stuff too.

      Congrats on the new baby coming! I’m glad you are feeling better. The first trimester is so hard. I’m excited to keep up with your blog!

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