Hiding Technology in Your Home

Hiding Technology in Your Home

One thing that I hate to see in my house is cords and cables.  I know I need them for charging my phone, watching TV and playing music, but I like to pretend they are not there.  That’s why I like to decorate around them.  See the little box under the books?

DSC_0363 (1)

Here’s another little device.  I don’t even know what these things are, just that they make my life easier.  John knows what they are, and that’s all that matters.

DSC_0358 (1)

This is how it looks from the front.  See how it all hides back in the back?  Much better.

DSC_0355 (2)

I also made this docking station for our phone and iPad charging cables to hide inside.  I hope this helps someone who hates cords and cables as much as I do!

Happy cord-hidingJulieBird!



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