Weekly Recap – July/August – Bug Theme

Weekly Recap – July/August – Bug Theme

The Weekly Recaps have been MIA on the blog lately.  We’ve had a lot going on in the past few weeks.  We found out we are finally moving back to the Jacksonville, Florida area with a job transfer for John, we made an unexpected trip to Florida for my grandmother’s funeral and all came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease when we got back home.  The beginnings of packing was going on in and around these events, so it’s been pretty busy at our house.

As you can tell from above, we have started our Bug & Insect Theme.  John took that picture at my parent’s house.  My dad used to shoot those things with a BB gun when they got into his garden.  They are too big to step on.  Oh the joys of Florida!

Here is what we got started with in our Bug Theme.  You can follow my Bug Theme Board on Pinterest.  Here are some insect Do-A-Dot printables from the Gift of Curiosity.

DSC_0400 (3)

We made caterpillars out of egg cartons from I Heart Naptime.  Camden wanted to make his a cyclops with one giant eye, but it wouldn’t stick on with the glue stick we were using.  Boys are boys, even when they are little boys!


We also used Do-A-Dot markers to make caterpillars after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

DSC_0333 (2)

And then we drew and painted our favorite things that the very hungry caterpillar ate.  Arabella is painting a pickle.

DSC_0341 (1)

Camden is really getting into doing stuff with us.  It’s so much fun!  This is his caterpillar page.

DSC_0330 (1)

I love, love, LOVE school supplies!  I get mesmerized walking through Target and Walmart when they have their back-to-school aisles.  I couldn’t resist this pack of 50 colored pencils.  I think I’ve had more fun with them than the kids have.

DSC_0340 (2)

Here is our bug theme play.  We have plastic bugs and bug catching toys.  It was Arabella’s idea to get the measuring tape out.


She wanted to measure all the bugs and the cage.  There’s a math lesson for the day.


We made bug journals and she drew this caterpillar from her Hermie book by Max Lucado.  She traced the plastic bugs and measured all of them and then wrote the numbers under each one.  I guess the picture with the numbers was on my phone because I didn’t find it.

DSC_0382 (2)

I have also started to read aloud to Arabella when Camden is napping.  I found a bunch of these classics at Target for $1 apiece in the front dollar section.  I stocked up on about 5 different ones that I can’t even remember now because I packed them already.  I know they had The Jungle Book, The Secret Garden and several others.

DSC_0268 (1)

We have been getting some vegetables from our garden.  Arabella and I split the lone snacking pepper that grew first.  Now there are a few more growing.  Can’t wait for more.


Here are some sunflowers in our garden.

DSC_0434 (1)

I love this variety.  They are called lemon ice or something like that.  They are more delicate than the average sunflower with a soft lemony yellow instead of gold color.


The seeds are starting to fall out, so we talked about how the birds will come to eat them.  Science lesson.


As the flowers from our garden are getting old in the vase, we are watching the sunflowers form seeds.


We have also found quite a few of inch worm friends.  I think I’ve put 4 of them outside this week.  One was hanging from our tv cabinet in front of the television.  I don’t know how it made it the 6 feet from our dining table to the tv without getting stomped.


As the seeds grow, Arabella likes to pull them out and add them to her artwork.


She glued the petals and seeds on her paper for the bee to visit.

DSC_0256 (2)

Camden even made his own seed art page.

DSC_0283 (2)

He was really excited about it!

DSC_0280 (2)

We’ve been making a lot of homemade pizzas with our bread machine.  Arabella really likes helping make them.

DSC_0405 (1)

I was trying to get her to pose with the dough.  What a serious look.  I just loved this picture!

DSC_0375 (1)

Ta da! Bacon, Sun-dried Tomato, Basil (from my garden) and Goat Cheese Pizza.

DSC_0437 (1)

We are starting to get a lot of zucchini from our garden.

DSC_0461 (2)

Arabella loves to cook, so we made zucchini bread during Camden’s nap time one day.  I think we really need to invest in some hairnets.

DSC_0481 (1)

This was a really good and moist Zucchini Spice Bread recipe from Nancy Creative.


Hopefully, I’ll keep up with the recaps so they won’t be this long in future.  Don’t forget to do something fun with your kids.  They will be learning while you play!

Hope this inspires you!



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