DIY Christmas Card Hanger

DIY Christmas Card Hanger

I am really excited about this last minute project I put together!  I hadn’t even thought about putting anything on this wall yet, but I got thinking about Christmas cards coming in the mail soon.  I wanted to have a place to put them that was pretty.


I had these frames left over from Camden’s baby room in our old house.  I love to move things around in my house instead going out and having to buy new things.  It enables me to change things up more often without spending a lot.


I love that they are around the corner from our front door.  I wanted to get this post out, so I didn’t have a lot of cards up yet.  I’m so thankful for each family who sends us Christmas cards.

DSC_0775 (2)

Just use a decorative craft wire and wrap it around the frames.  Use clothes pins to clip the cards onto the wire.


I’m excited about how I can change these up as the seasons change.  Stay tuned!


Hope you are having a stress-free Christmas season!



  1. Hey Julie! I was just showing my mom your blog, and then look who I saw in pictures of your DIY Christmas Card Hanger! Haha! I feel so famous now! :-)

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