St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Themed Kid’s Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Themed Kid’s Activities

We’ve taken some time off from our theme units during the holidays and beyond.  Partly because I’ve been focusing on Arabella’s reading, and partly because I’m still trying to figure out our schedule.  We’ve been doing a reading lesson everyday from a McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader, and I also read aloud to her from a chapter book everyday.  This has been the extent of our reading, but has produced wonderful results in Arabella taking direction from me as well as learning to read.

I’m hoping to get back to our theme studies to keep Cam up on his learning as well as Arabella plus they really love playing while they learn.  This theme happened by accident, and I think was inspired by Arabella.  Kids are so creative and can help steer their own education if we follow their lead.  They learn so much more if they are interested in what they are doing.

We have a container of puff balls that they like to play with pretty consistently.  We have used them with egg carton flats to make patterns, and when they were younger they would push them through a hole cut in the lid of the tall plastic container we keep them stored in.  It’s just a deli container.  This time they wanted corresponding bowls to match the puff ball colors.

DSC_0296 (2)

I gave them some kitchen thongs to help them with their fine motor skills.


Arabella broke her arm after tripping while running through our house back in January.  It was the craziest thing and quite traumatic for all of us because it was a visual break.  I still shudder at the memory.  This is the day after she got her cast removed.  You can’t see her right arm in the above pictures, but she still had the full arm cast.  My mom brought these foam beads over and they were a huge hit and great therapy for Arabella’s stiff arm and wrist.

DSC_0296 (1)

This was one of the first times she actually used her right hand since the cast had been off.  We were very excited because she was a little afraid to use it for the first day.

DSC_0298 (4)

Here are some free St. Patrick’s Day printables I found on Pinterest from Teachers Pay Teachers.  They cover math & pre-reading skills.  They are really fun activities plus you can color them.  Arabella has painted some and used colored pencils on some.  We also have been watching a Veggie Tales clip about St. Patrick on You Tube.  It’s only about 8 minutes long, and is a really good and funny explanation of who St. Patrick was and how God’s hand was on his life from the beginning.


I love modern technology because we can look up things we are reading or talking about in a second.  When I am reading aloud to her, I will look up things she is not familiar with and look at google images of them and talk about it.  I was showing her the flag for Ireland on wikipedia so she could color it correctly.  I am going to start including more geography into our learning times soon!  We also listened to some Irish and Celtic music while we colored on iTunes radio.  Technology is pretty amazing and can really aid us in educating our children!

DSC_0319 (4)

Here is the cast in all of it’s glittery glory.  I’m so glad we are done with that and can get back to handwriting exercises again!


Here’s to a fun St. Patrick’s Day with your kiddos!


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