Behind the Makeshift Nest

The Beginning

The Makeshift Nest has been a project two years in the making.  You may see a few posts from 2011 and a few more in 2012.  I’m sure for most people blogging is not that complicated, but for me it has been a journey to get to this point.  I knew that I wanted a blog about saving money and living a beautiful life at the same time.  I also knew the blogs I followed and wanted my blog to look like something that would draw my attention just like my favorite bloggers.  My husband, John, has been a self-taught graphic designer but knows very little html or css coding.  We have gone through 2 other templates trying to get The Makeshift Nest to look the way we envisioned it.  We were so frustrated and felt like we would never get off the ground and running.  Finally, in June of 2013 I stumbled across Pinch of Yum, a  blog dedicated to amazing food and helping other bloggers learn more about blogging.  They recommend Thesis and Genesis themes and have used both.  After some comparison, we felt the Genesis Framework was what we were looking for with a theme that was simple and elegant.  It’s been pretty simple for us to edit the template, and it’s affordable. This was the beginning of The Makeshift Nest.

Learning Process

This whole thing called “blogging” is a learning process.  We are reading as much as we can and trying to glean from other bloggers who are farther down the road.  Also, I am learning how to use the manual settings on my camera.  It is not a DSLR, but a Lumix DMC-LX5.  It is a great camera in a lot of ways.  The price point is lower for starters.  For everyday picture taking, the automatic settings are amazing.  I don’t like to carry a bulky camera on vacation.  The disadvantage is that you don’t have the control you would have with different lenses on a DSLR camera.  My hope is to generate some income from the blog to purchase a DSLR in the near future.  If you have any questions about my Lumix camera, please feel free to ask.  Since using the manual settings and purchasing the book Tasty Food Photography from Pinch of Yum, my picture quality has gone up.  This book has so many helpful tips on how to use your camera, stage your pictures and even plan your posts.  I highly recommend it for food bloggers and anyone wanting to learn about photography.

Monetizing the Blog

The choice to try to create an income from your blog is an entirely personal one.  Some people love just to blog for fun.  My intent in creating The Makeshift Nest was to show that you can live in a beautiful home and cook really good food without spending lots of money.  In doing this, I also hope to create a source of income for our family as I stay at home with our children.  If I can inspire one person that didn’t think it was possible to live on one income to go for it, I will be satisfied.